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Triathlon Coaching

Do you want to get the best out of yourself and be confident at the start of your triathlons? Do you have trouble finding structure and balance in your schedules? I am happy to help you with this.

You don't get a standard schedule, I don't have this. I have a clear vision on training and I apply this to make a schedule for you. Every person is different and has its own lifestyle and needs, making a schedule for this is customized and requires personal attention.

I can help you with guidance to your first triathlon, the step to a longer distance, a personal record, a podium place or another goal that suits you.

The guidance goes further than just writing schedules. Also help with questions around triathlon, training and racing I will help you with.

Read on for more information and if you have any questions please contact us without obligation.


About me

I am David van Oosten, born in the Netherlands and a certified triathlon coach with many years of (personal) endurance sport experience from regional to international level. Coached by one of the best trainers in the Netherlands.

Endurance sport is my passion, both doing it myself and helping other athletes achieve their goals.

I spent years struggling to find the right balance in my own schedules, I wanted too much and I trained too hard too often, which resulted in frustrations and injuries. Until a coach guided me and showed me how to train properly and smart.

I enjoy sharing the knowledge I gained during my coaching education and the experience I gained during all my years as an athlete.

Some personal highlights:

  • Ironman World Cup 70.3 Port Elizabeth (South Africa) 208th of 2803
  • AG Podium Challenge Almere - half distance
  • 2x Northern Dutch champion Olympic Distance
  • PR 70.3 distance 4:19
  • Many local victories

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My vision

How does it work?

1. Intake

After a first introduction, I will send you an intake form on which you provide background information about yourself,  your sporting past and your ambition. Personal things such as work / private life and which days you have time for training are also included. After receiving this information we will discuss this together during a face-to-face meeting (or by phone if a meeting is not possible).

2. Make your personal year plan

After the intake I will make a custom plan focussed on your goals and desires. We also will set a date on which we will start the training. At the start of the schedule I will schedule some tests so that I know what your zones are and the training will not be too heavy or too easy.

3. Weekly schedules

You will receive your schedules on a weekly basis in Trainingpeaks and you can upload your completed training sessions here, this can be done automatically using a cycling computer or smart watch. After each training you give feedback on how your training went. I get a notification of this and so I can follow how your training goes and I can adjust where necessary. I don’t plan ahead more than a week so that I can always be on top of what you need at that moment.

4. Flexible schedule

Your schedule is not cast in concrete. If there is something unexpected then you have the freedom to reschedule training sessions during the week if that fits you better.

As your A-race comes closer, the training sessions will become more specific and if necessary we will schedule a coaching conversation to ensure that nothing is left to chance on race day.

5. Unlimited contact through Whatsapp

I think it is important that you can continue quickly if you have questions about your training / schedule. Whatsapp works ideal to answer short questions quickly, I always try to answer your questions immediately.

They preceded you

At the end of 2017 I started training under the guidance of David. By structurally and specifically training I have made great progress and have been able to win my first race. With David's support I know for sure that I can continue this progess in the future.


I already did a few years of triathlon and have been doing endurance sports for some time. David has been guiding me through my training since early 2019 and I can see a big difference. We have put the goals for this season on paper and are now working hard to achieve results. The guidance is very pleasant, both in contact and finding structure in the training schedule, I would recommend it to every triathlete!


After training on his own for 4 years, now trying to make big progress this year under the guidance of David. Improve myself in all areas wit help of a focused training schedule, so that I can peak at the right time. David's progress and feedback through Trainingpeaks motivate me to get the best out of myself.


After years of strenght training and occasional participation in a running competition, I was looking for a new sporting challenge. I had heard of the Ironman and decided at the end of 2018 to register for half an Ironman in Luxembourg. I didn't have triathlon experience, not even a racing bike. After six months of training, I lacked structure and knowledge I needed to prepare well. I found David and we quickly made an appointment. Because of David's personalized coaching and training schedules with challenging workouts, I was able to train in a structured way and I gained much confidence in the process. David prepared me for the Ironman 70.3 in Luxembourg in 4 months and it has now been completed. Thank you David!


For the first time in may years I train with a goal! I have been wandering in the dark for a long time but now I found motivation and a reason to train. And I have taken help, I think one should if you are like me, overtraining or undertraining. With David I have structure and everyweek there is something new. Fun and motivational!




€75 or 800 SEK

per month
  • Intake (face-to-face or by phone)
  • Personal annual plan
  • Weekly Trainingpeaks training schedule
  • Daily feedback on training
  • Adjustments when needed
  • Trainingpeaks account (basic)
  • weekly terminable
  • Is it after all not your thing? The first 30 days you can get your money back
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