Lactate Threshold Test

During a lactate thresholt test your personal thresholds and zones will be determined. This will be done during a ramp test where you will start with a very easy resistance and every 3 minutes the resistance will get higher. In every step the lactate in your blood will be measured and with this data your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds can be determined.

This test also gives insight in your personal fitness and how much room to improve you have. The higher your thresholds are relative to your maximum value, the better you are able to use your “engine”. With all this data your trainingzones will be determined.

You will also receive a report with an advice about your current fitness and the goal for which you train. If you for example train for an Ironman, different lactate values are expected then if you train for a sprint triathlon.

Example test result
Example of 2 testresults of the same athlete. This test really shows progress well.

Cycling test

You will perform the test on your own bicycle, this will be place in a turbotrainer and with this your power will be measured. The test will start on a very low resistance and every 3 minutes the resistance will increase. You will go on for as long as you can. At the end of every 3 minute step your lactate is measured and with this your lactate profile will be mapped.

The costs for this test are €85.


It is possible to do the test in The Netherlands (Friesland) or Sweden (Skåne). After the test you will get a report by mail with the results.